It has been the privilege of our home group to host the following distinguished speakers at our monthly speaker meeting.  We are profoundly grateful for their service in sharing their experience, strength and hope with us.  We offer these recordings with their kind permission.
Dave & Polly P.: Relationships & the 12 Traditions                                  June 2012                             4 files

Bill C.                                                                                                             November 2011                    53MB

FOTS Utah Conference 2011                                                                       October 2011                        13 files

Rusty from SLC                                                                                            September 2011                   44MB

Michelene F. from Escondito, CA                                                               May 2011                               62MB

John M. from Denver, CO                                                                           January 2011                         32MB

Tina A. from Hollister, CA                                                                           October 2010                         51MB

Larry from SLC, UT                                                                                      September 2010                    34MB

Susie W. from SLC, UT                                                                                March 2010                            29MB

John A. from Dallas, TX                                                                              December 2009                      38MB

Bob D. from SLC, UT                                                                                   November 2009                      42MB

Laurie C. from SLC, UT                                                                               October 2009                          22MB

Bud from Texas                                                                                           September 2009                     19MB

Tom I. from Southern Pines, NC                                                                July 2009                                 29MB

Mary Jo M. from SLC, UT                                                                           June 2009                                28MB

SPRING CLEANING WEEKEND WITH BOB D. & RALPH W.                  May 2009                                 11 files

Jeff T. from San Diego, CA                                                                        May 2009                                 18MB

Mary Ann V. from Denver, CO                                                                   March 2009                             22MB

Brian E. from South Africa                                                                        February 2009                         23MB

Chris R. from Ingram, TX                                                                          January 2009                           32MB

Charlie T. from SLC, UT                                                                            December 2008                        21MB

Father Tom from Oakland, CA  (Salt Lake Central Office fundraiser)      November 2008                        28MB

Betty A. from San Diego, CA                                                                    November 2008                        24MB

BOB D's 30th BIRTHDAY WEEKEND (password required)                   October 2008                            6 files

Steve B. from Berkeley, CA                                                                      October 2008                            29MB

Tom I. from Southern Pines, NC                                                              September 2008                        24MB

HOME GROUPS WORKSHOP with Tom I.                                               September 2008                       41MB

Joe from Oklahoma                                                                                   August 2008                              36MB

SLC CENTRAL OFFICE PHONES / 12TH STEP WORKSHOP                August 2008                              49MB

Denise H. from Denver, CO                                                                      July 2008                                    23MB

Brendan D. from Seattle, WA                                                                   June 2008                                   24MB

SPRING CLEANING WEEKEND WITH BOB D. & POLLY P.                   May 2008                                   13 files

Gary B. from Indianapolis, IN                                                                   April 2008                                  27MB

Chuck G. from Los Angeles, CA                                                              March 2008                                23MB

Betty H. from SLC, UT & Bob D. from Las Vegas, NV - Steps 8&9        February 2008                           17MB

Bob D. from Las Vegas, NV  (Spring Cleaning fundraising dinner)                    February 2008                                       29MB

Sandy H. from Pocatello, ID                                                                     February 2008                            19MB

Chad A. from Seattle, WA                                                                        January 2008                              22MB

Debbie D. from Concord, CA                                                                   December 2007                          22MB

John A. from Dallas, TX                                                                           November 2007                          25MB



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