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This annual gathering of friends and fellow seekers was graciously hosted by Tom N., who opened his beautiful home to us for a weekend of fellowship in a spectacular aerie above San Diego.  Our audio equipment was not well adapted to the setting, but these recordings are offered with deep gratitude to Tom, Bob, Clancy, and everyone else who made this event possible. 



File Size
Saturday Session 1:  Unity and Tradition 1:35:41 60MB
Saturday Session 2:  Sponsorship 1:21:43 55MB
Saturday Session 3 (Clancy I):  Where Do We Go from Here? 1:29:55 55MB
Saturday Session 4:  Bringing the Traditions to Life  1:00:39 35MB
Sunday Session 5:  CPC and H&I 1:24:54 53MB
Sunday Session 6:  Singleness of Purpose 1:19:52 50MB
Notes:  Sessions 2 and 5 are frequently interrupted by wind noise.  Session 4 was cut short by a dead battery. 

Questions about downloading or listening to these files?  Email us!